Math has traditionally been a space dominated by the simple binary of right and wrong answers. However, there are many important competencies, mindsets, and values that students can learn in the Math classroom if we embrace complexity and rethink the binary bias. Kim Petersen and Sheryl Walters are two Instructional Design Leads from Calgary, AB who have spent the past year creating a “Profile of a Math Learner.” Learn what that is, what it includes, and practical instructional strategies that bring it to life in the classroom.

Significant Quotes:

“When it comes to fluency building, it’s the speed that the student becomes quicker at accessing information (for them, not compared to other people) that is the product, not the process. That’s not how you teach fluency, it’s what we hope to see in the end.”

Kim Petersen

“At the end of the day, we want kids to feel confident and capable to approach complex tasks and to be okay with that discomfort of not knowing the answer right away, because that’s where the real learning happens.”

Kim Petersen

“When you give them the opportunity, kids will rise to the occasion. We don’t need to dilute things for them; they will learn that they can do complex Mathematics.”

Sheryl Walters