Despite our best intentions, collaboration in schools often looks more like cooperation (at best), or polite dysfunction (at worst). As an NCAA div 1 basketball coach and strategic business development professional, Tim Lewis has learned a lot that can help us build the schools we’ve always dreamed of, together. On the episode we discuss teaching like a coach, unleashing teams with collective accountability, and taking the imperfect first step to make your mission statement a reality.

Significant Quotes:

“And I think the term team is thrown out way too loosely, and what they think may be a team they are truly lacking what makes a team.”

Tim Lewis

“Humans get so accustomed to complacency, even though they don’t know that they are. Any little idea that can rock the boat, people go into a risk-management mindset.”

Tim Lewis

“Sometimes you need to move forward with something that is 75% good and figure out the other 25% along the way.”

Tim Lewis