On the episode, we unpack how students were challenged to deepen and demonstrate their understanding of ecosystems and visual literacy in a grade 7 interdisciplinary project. Teacher Jaclyn Demmers also shares her newfound insights about the potential of students with learning disabilities when given creative opportunities that spark their curiosity.

  • Jaclyn’s current role and what drew her into education. (1:45)
  • A summary of the project. (3:05)
  • A breakdown of the major milestones of the project—entry event, research, direct instruction, building, and showcasing. (5:40)
  • Why Jaclyn was drawn to project-based learning and how it shifted feedback conversations in her classroom. (12:05)
  • A personal highlight. (14:00)
  • The biggest barrier that Jaclyn had to overcome. (15:10)
  • How the project challenged our assumptions about learning as a siloed experience. (15:45)
  • The potential for project-based learning to reveal the capacity of diverse learners when they have clear criteria. (20:30)
  • The purpose of education. (22:45)

Significant Quotes:

“I want to be a facilitator of learning, rather than just a giver of knowledge.”

Jaclyn Demmers

“Once we give them the opportunity to unleash their creativity, their depth of understanding shone so bright.”

Jaclyn Demmers