As male teachers of colour in their school district, Gerardo and Kev felt like unicorns. That is, until they found each other and started to talk about their shared experiences on a podcast called Too Dope Teachers and a Mic, connecting with thousands across America who felt the same. On the episode, we explore the microaggressions they’ve experienced while working in a predominantly white profession and how we can build a more culturally responsive practice in our classrooms to disrupt this system of oppression.

Significant Quotes:

Can I really do the work that I want to do from inside a traditional classroom?

Kevin Adams

This is the trope that we see black men being pigeonholed into, that you’re this fun, black guy.

Gerardo Muñoz

The real culturally responsive praxis is that first, you walk into your classroom and operate on the assumption that every child is exactly who they’re supposed to be.

Gerardo Muñoz