The 21st century demands an updated definition of literacy and an expansion of our understanding of what constitutes a “text.” For instance, how might we read and write our relationships? Our institutions? Our own thoughts? On the episode, we explore the relationship between social-emotional learning and lower-case “l” literacy.

Significant Quotes:

“How can I queer, decolonize, and disrupt curriculum?”

Brent Saccucci

“Literacy in the social-emotional sense means that we have an attunement to the social and emotional codes at work in the hidden curriculum of our lives.”

Brent Saccucci

“If I’m not able to swear, you’re not able to cry, then we are not cultivating education, we are performing schooling.”

Brent Saccucci

“If we were to have more conversations aligned with our pedagogical spirit, I wonder how purposeful our teaching would become?”

Brent Saccucci