Though we are learning more about the importance of our relationships in schools and workplaces, which are the relationships that actually drive learning? In this solo episode, host Natalie Vardabasso explains how our relationships with a mentor, a champion, a coach, and ourselves create the optimal learning diamond.

Show Notes:

  • Defining the pinnacle of the learning diamond and guide for our hero’s journey: the mentor. (4:46)
  • How the social norms around gender challenge the potential of mentorship. (9:00)
  • How champions hold our hearts and show up as Marigolds in the workplace. (14:37)
  • Why accepting champions means accepting ourselves. (19:49)
  • Our coach as our ride-or-die and critical friend. (21:06)
  • Radical acceptance for our emotions to show up better for others. (26:05)
  • Accept your call to adventure and seek your learning diamond. (33:47)

Significant Quotes:

“The existence of a champion in our lives does not guarantee we can reap the full benefits of this relationship. When someone shines our light back at us, we deflect if we don't believe it about ourselves.”

Natalie Vardabasso

“No matter our age, there is always a call to adventure that we can choose to accept. It is only once we accept this call, that we start to find the people we need to complete our journey.”

Natalie Vardabasso

“How might it change our school system if students were empowered to accept their own call to adventure and discover the mentor for their quest?”

Natalie Vardabasso