What would a school look like if teachers were in charge? How would administrative tasks be managed? What impact would this have on student learning? Zaynab Baalbaki previously worked for Escuela Verde, a public charter school in Wisconsin that operates as a testing lab for the Teacher Powered Schools network. On the episode, she shares her experience working as a teacher with no formal leadership and why this is so important for equity.

Significant Quotes:

“Education for liberation, let’s go! We’re committed to it, so let’s see how we can do it. We’re not just going to start reading theory on it, we’re going to jump in and if it works, share it, and if not, we won't do it again.”

Zaynab Baalbaki

“Teachers have the educational background, they have the experiential background, they have the connection with the students and the families, so it lends itself more to trusting the experts and letting them lead.”

Zaynab Baalbaki

“When I think of education...you need to separate education from schooling. School can have its own role and purpose and function. Education will be here forever; schools don’t have to be.”

Zaynab Baalbaki