How we experience learning in our own life has a huge impact on the experiences we create for our students. Find out how a Metis-Cree assistant professor created a philosophy of learning after surviving addiction, homelessness and reclaiming his indigenous identity.

Significant Quotes:

It takes courage to love.

Jesse Thistle

We all have a story and we all deserve empathy. We just need to take time to listen and care.

Jesse Thistle

I used to not want to share my words with people because that was my only possession, my only anchor to my own identity, and I didn’t want to share that because everything had been taken from me so young. It was a real act of trusting others to be able to share my words.

Jesse Thistle

What it was teaching me was to learn to learn. I had to, or I would die.

Jesse Thistle

To be subjective in your work is way more powerful.

Jesse Thistle

Reconciliation is ultimately about forging new relations. That’s the most important part; that’s the broken part.

Jesse Thistle

You have to change the way you think and do things. That’s real indigenization. That’s real reconciliation.

Jesse Thistle