In many ways, our students have a more nuanced understanding of gender than ever before. Yet, they continue to uphold many unexamined gender norms that lead them to cause violence to one another.

Dr. Gerald Walton is a professor in the Faculty of Education at Lakehead University in Ontario and his area of study has been gender identity, violence in schools, and the larger concept of rape culture.  On the episode, we discuss how teachers can disrupt the modern patterns of gender-based violence by supporting their students to understand body autonomy.

Significant Quotes:

“How do we get at the cultural things to disrupt sexual violence in the first place?”

Gerald Walton

“Curriculum is a process of decision-making, and the decision-making is what are we going to put in curriculum, and what are we going to leave out. There’s various players who are privileged enough to be involved in those kinds of decisions.”

Gerald Walton

“There is a whole beehive of attitudes towards sexual minorities and gender minorities that has to be confronted, arrested and taught about, and then I think that we’re going to be hopefully creating a society that is more inclusive than it is right now.”

Gerald Walton