It doesn’t matter if you work in a company, a hospital, a not-for-profit organization, or a school, we are all facing the same problem; our ways of working are limiting the potential of humans to adapt to complex challenges. On the episode, we explore the hierarchical structures of our past which are still plaguing us today, and how the adults in a school can better work together to transform education for students.

Significant Quotes:

“Next time you say you are too busy, just say, ‘Actually that’s not important to me’ instead, because we always make time for the things that are important.”

Rodney Evans

“All human beings are wired to be adaptive. The systems we grow up in and are socialized to undo what we are naturally meant to do and are capable of.”

Rodney Evans

“When we start to think about our job, quote-unquote, as a portfolio of roles that we are working in and not working in at different times, that’s how we get to more self-management.”

Rodney Evans