Hey! My name is Natalie Vardabasso and I’m the producer and host of #EduCrush.

Growing up, I knew one thing for sure…I never wanted to be a teacher. Why? I wanted to escape school and never go back. School felt like a game I had to play to please others and I was eager to earn my freedom and finally start learning who I was and how I might contribute to the world.

But then, in my mid-twenties, it hit me.

What if students didn’t need to leave school to start exploring their identity? What if school was a place where students engaged with the world around them? What if school prioritized learning over points?

And thus my obsession with reimagining education began.

For six years, I taught middle school Language Arts and Social Studies before transitioning out of the classroom to co-design engaging and relevant learning experiences alongside other teachers. I’m currently the Assessment Instructional Design Lead at Calgary Academy, a K-12 special education school in Calgary, Alberta.

I hope this podcast inspires you to challenge school as we know it and provides the tools to rebuild education in the service of learning for all.

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